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what is table fighter?

Table Fighter is a fast paced fighting card game for 2 or more players. It's easy to pick up and play, but has enough depth to keep even the most skilled players hooked. Table Fighter is inspired by traditional fighting games: you are rewarded for anticipating what your opponent will do and your skill completely replaces randomness.

who can play table fighter?

Table Fighter is for everyone age 8 and up. The game is very easy to learn, but has enough depth to still be exciting after hundreds of games.

what comes in the core set?

Table Fighter comes with 56 cards. These cards make up 8 unique characters each with their own play style.


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 Table Fighter Underground is the game's first new character expansion. It contains 3 new characters and a bonus content card:

SYRUS: Hold your opponent at LETHAL 13! Syrus has an attack which can combo into anything! Two attacks that charge to beat block! Use your opponent's fear as a weapon. And all of his speeds are 13.

BUG: BIGGER EQUALS BETTER! Bug has 7 BASIC CARDS, instead of the normal 6. This means he has 3 attacks, 2 grabs, block parry and super. Bug has two ways to gain bonus damage based on how big his discard pile is, and it takes him one extra card to get super. More cards means more options! Bug's parry can beat blocks if charged! If Geode wasn't big enough for you, here's a new grappler!

Entro: Get super on turn 2! Beat a super with your block, and get super! And, charge from hand and play super to draw 2! Entro's Table Fighter's newest style of combo character, able to draw cards mid combo and extend deep into his deck.

BONUS CONTENT: Training Mode / Charge Priority token!

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Also, you can download the free demo here!